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Improving spiritual developing and personal growth, bio-correctors are ideal for protecting you against EMF. Our items are designed to help you live a better life.

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Preserve your health by taking advantage of our extensive collection of products. Our aim is to supply devices which create harmony within your home or business.

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Bring power and joy back to your life with our bio-corrector sessions. Relieve stress and give yourself a boost of energy by taking part in one of our relaxing classes.

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Restore your body’s positive energy with our collection of EMF protection devices. Here at Quantum World Ltd, in Morden, Surrey, we are experts in EMF shielding. Offering an array of unrivalled services, we’re here to show you the negative effects that electromagnetic frequencies have. Unlike other companies who may sell similar products, our main advantage is the fact that our items are totally portable. This means you’re able to take our products anywhere at any time.