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Protection Against Radiation

Uplift Yourself During Our Bio-Corrector Sessions in Morden, Surrey

Stabilise your psycho-emotional state, energy centre, and restore your aura with our bio-corrector sessions. Here at Quantum World Ltd, in Morden, Surrey, we provide an array of products and classes than focus on spiritual healing. Thanks to this, you’ll see a real increase in your energy levels, giving you a better outlook on life and protecting you from harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

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Improve the state of your soul, mind, and body, while harmonising your future by taking part in one of our bio-corrector sessions. It is a method of cleansing the body and leads to the entry of vital energy in the body’s organs and systems.

Fear, insomnia, depression, and chronic fatigue are all factors that contribute to a negative or damaged aura. Our experts utilise their skills to be able to help during these kind of situations. Whether you’re looking for ongoing, weekly, fortnightly, or monthly sessions, we’ll work around you and your needs. Book now and take part for just £10.

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Protecting Your Aura

Your aura often becomes damaged from the radiation that devices give off. We’re able to take before and after photographs to show you how your aura and chakra is healing thanks to our sessions.

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